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"Know this, that a man called Tarjan, thought by many to be insane, had through wizardry powers proclaimed himself a god. His image is locked in stone until made whole again."

(Magic Mouth, The Sewers 2)

"As we approached an old statue in the uppermost level of Harkyn's domain, the eye shaped bauble we had collected floated from Soriac's belt pouch, up, up..... and the statue became animate! We fought, desperate for our lives, and finally bested the foul thing. The archmage tells us that this dreadful foe was Tarjan, the mad god. It is little wonder that the battle cost us dear."

Lord Garrick, Bard's Tale 1 Clue Book

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Caution: Potential spoilers

Bard's Tale 1

Map texts and clues

Position: (18,10)
Content: "You have entered the burial preparation chamber. Few but the priests of the Mad God have seen this and lived."
Position: (10,12)
Content: "You have entered the living chambers of Bashar Kavilor, the High Priest. He screams, 'Infidel! Face now the wrath of a servant of the Mad One!'"
...Master Sorcerer
Position: (11,11)
Content: "A voice from nowhere proclaims: To the tower fly, A mad one die, Once lost the eye"
Position: (16,20)
Content: "A message is scrawled on the wall in blood: Seek the Mad One's stoney self in Harkyn's domain."
Reveal the clue
At the Temple of the Mad God, the priest will ask:
"Only those who know the name of the Mad One are welcome. What wilt thou say?"
The priest will reply:
"Speak not the name of the High One so loudly, lest he awaken," the priest says. "Enter the catacombs, believer."
Reveal the clue
"An old statue of a fifteen foot tall warrior stands before you. Will you:"
[A]pproach it
Approaching the statue, you need the Eye which is found in Catacombs 3:
"An Eye levitates from {PLAYER} and goes into the statue's empty socket. The statue comes to life!"
You'll fight: 1 Mad God
Then you'll be teleported to Skara Brae beside Kylearan's Tower
Position: (3,4)
Content: "A magic mouth on the wall speaks: 'Know this, that a man called Tarjan, thought to many to be insane, had through wizardly powers, proclaimed himself a god in Skara Brae a hundred years ago. His image is locked in stone until made whole again...'"
Position: (18,16)
Content: Temple of the Mad God


Item Catalogue

Item: Eye (Effect: Special: Brings Mad God to life)

Bard's Tale 3


Creature: Black Dragon (Location: Malefia 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Black Paladin (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Black Slayer (Location: Malefia 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Black Slayer (Location: Tarjan )
Creature: Black Wizard (Location: Tar Quarry, Shadow Canyon, Sceadu's Demens 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Death Warden (Location: Malefia 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Ghoul (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Hell Fiend (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: High Priestess (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Lorini (Location: Tarjan )
Creature: Malefia Mage (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Pit Demon (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Rage Wraith (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Rock Demon (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Rock Demon (Location: Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Tarjan (Location: Tarjan )
Creature: Tarjan Warrior (Location: Malefia 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Tarjan's Bull (Location: Malefia 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Vampire Lord (Location: Malefia 1/2, Malefia 3, Tarjan )
Creature: Vampire Lord (Location: Tarjan )
Creature: Vortex (Location: Tarjan )


Casts Witherfist and Sandstorm for a double offensive punch.

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