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"Gran Plaz..."

Gran Plaz
    The Gran Plaz is the central square of Skara Brae. Certainly is has seen many days of celebrations and parades and joyous activities, but at the gutter of the town's life when Mangar reigned over its walls and streets, the plaza grew faint and dull, empty, quiet, save for the chattering of murky and evil creatures in the shadows of daylight and the darkness of night. No sane citizen would dare present themselves in the vast open space where they may be seen as prey for the Dark One's denizens.

    For a time, the town was free from such fear, once Mangar had been defeated; though it was not yet fully safe. Just as things were beginning to look up, the Mad God Tarjan soon returned to Skara Brae. Not to remain unnoticed - far from it - a statue of the Mad God himself was erected in the central square. "It's strange that it is clean and shiny as if someone has been caring for it."1

    Once Skara Brae was ultimately freed from Tarjan, the Gran Plaz would remain to be cleaned up, and with a hopeful future, restored to its former glory.


    1. Description on visiting the central square in BT3 (Map: The Ruins of Skara Brae)

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    = Grey Knife
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    = Tempest
    What is the name of the central square?
    = Gran Plaz
    Identify the street that snakes through the city just north of the central square?
    = Serpent
    Position: (15,15)
    Content: Gran Plaz

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