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"Lord Garrick..."

Lord Garrick, the viscount of Hamelon, sister city to Skara Brae, became trapped in Skara Brae when Mangar encased it in a spell of eternal winter. Garrick's legacy is a journal delivered to his friend, the old man Pellis.

Garrick would not kneel to Mangar, and so in defiance, he formed a party of warriors to set out on a quest to find and defeat him, to free Skara Brae from his clutches. According to his journal, his band of adventurers included1 "the last of the great sage-sorcers" Ghaklah, the bard Corfid op Orfin, the paladin Isli, an archmage Soriac, and other paladins and knights, all of whom perish or fleed during their extensive quest.

On his excursions through many perilous locations, he made notes that would be of use for any adventurers who may follow in his steps. As helpful as his guides are, some strange encounters like the mysterious IRKM DESMET DAEM inscription found in the sewers proved too cryptic for even he to understand.

In their final moments, with Mangar in sight, Garrick and his party were found unprepared for a final challenge - a former rogue member of their party had earlier stolen and run off with essential items for their success - and there met their timely demise. The remaining party provided Ghaklah enough life force to be used in the casting of a spell of invisibility over Isli, evil magic to be sure which too would end Isli life, after allowing her a means of escaping Mangar's Tower with Garrick's journal for delivery into the hands of Pellis.

Lord Garrick perished with his friends - Mangar's evil laughter echoing over their fading final moments.


  1. Bard's Tale 1 Clue Book, The Sewer

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