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The mouth speaks!


Some things, not even Lord Garrick is capable of comprehending. During his excursion to the sewers long ago, he and his party came across this inscription: "IRKM DEMET DAEM." Pondoring for some time, Garrick resigned to noting in his journal1, "I am no scholar, but neither am I a stranger to lore and letters. I can perceive no sense here." Elsewhere, another inscription was discovered - perhaps Garrick's scribble in passing? - "Heed not what is beyond understanding."

Since that day, legend of the confounding riddle spread far and wide, across the lands and beyond the borders of time and space.

The phrase has appeared in earthly novel writings, and role playing games, yet in no instance has any meaning been discerned.

"At one junction, there was some writing on the wall. "What does i say, Morgan?"
"Irkm Desmet Daem," she replied.
"Mean anything to anyone?"
"Me neither." He shrugged. "Ignore it."
They carried on northwards.

~ Please kill the neighbours - p124
Have Sword & Scorcery, Will Travel - by Brian Wakeling


  1. Bard's Tale 1 Clue Book, The Sewer

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Position: (19,10)
Content: "An inscription on the wall reads: IRKM DESMET DAEM"

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