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    Pellis was an old man, a friend of Lord Garrick, a brave knight who kept notes during his adventure and exploration through his quest to defeat Mangar.

    Garrick's completed journal was delivered hastefully to Pellis by Isli, before she was consumed by a powerful spell of invisibility that had allowed her to escape Mangar's Tower. Pellis had bound Garrick's journal in a special document to be delivered later into the hands of the heroes who would follow in Garrick's footsteps.

    Pellis' last letter to the next brave adventurers reads:


    Long have I awaited thy coming of age. Our town of Skara Brae doth slowly wither under the cursed sorcery of Mangar, spawn of demons. Many hath challenged his power, only to encounter their doom.

    One man didst nearly succeed. Lord Garrick, the viscount of our sister city Hamelon, became imprisoned here through Mangar's evil spell of winter. He failed, but in his failure lies the way to thy victory. Lord Garrick did keepeth a journal, and Mangar is either unaware of its existence, or believes it to have perished along with the impudent viscount. But the tome didst survive, and came into my keeping.

    Thou art a brave warrior in thy fashion, and a scholar passing fair. Yet if thou wouldst accept this quest thou hast need of assistance. Look to the following pages for further counsel and aid.

    The path thou must follow doth with danger abound. Go, and take with thee the journal of a brave knight, and the prayers of an old man.


    Pellis, Bard's Tale 1 Clue Book

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