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"Spell of eternal winter..."

The spell of eternal winter was the curse cast upon Skara Brae by Mangar during which he attempting to reign over the town, open the door for evil creatures and minions to enter and call it home1,2.

During this time, a band of adventurers, feeble and naive, set out to explore, battle, and ultimately hunt down Mangar to save Skara Brae from his encroaching evil.

Other warriors and adventurers also became trapped within Skara Brae during this time, including the viscount of Hamelon, Lord Garrick.

After the heroes defeated Mangar, the spell was broken and Skara Brae was freed from his clutches. Creatures remained inhabiting its streets and dungeons, but were no longer reigned over by the evil wizard, only left to be cleaned up by those of the town who would take up the sword and wand in its defense.


  1. The legend of Skara Brae speaks of this turn of events.
  2. Lord Garrick describes the state of Skara Brae in his journal

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...After killing Mangar: "Kylearan, the good Archmage, appears before you in a flash of light. 'Well done!' he cries, beaming. 'Your quest in Skara Brae is now finished! The evil one is now defeated, and his spell of winter will soon end. You will all, as a symbol of my gratitude, receive gold and experience bonus of 300,000 units. Fare well and live long!'"
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