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Berserkers come from far and wide. Large, burly warriors inhabiting the realm of Skara Brae to the six cities of the plains, they've been seen with Harkyn, Dargoth, and in the Dark Domain of Tangramayne.

They are most recognizeably met, however, in an endless stream (of four groups of 99) which the heroes face in Harkyn's Castle. Baron Harkyn hired an army of the thugs, who were housed in the spaceous barracks of his castle1. Fighting the horde at that scale however, the 99x99x99x99 of them seem to appear as mere duplicates of each other, many faces blending together as one massive swarm of bodies at which to swat away, swing by swing, spell by spell, laying swaths of them to rest until finally none remain a threat.

Long ago, in his efforts to defeat Mangar, Lord Garrick had faced the Berserker army with his party of fighters, and had barely made it out alive. As Garrick recounts in his journal:

The berserkers! They attacked in an endless flowing stream, to slay them akin to holding back the tide with a bottomless bucket. We found out (too late!) that our recently abandoned green robes would have rendered us immune to attack. At last we stumbled, blind with weariness, over hundreds of corpses, four of our slain warriors lying hidden beneath stinking mounds of Baron Harkyn's dead legions.

Lord Garrick, Bard's Tale 1 Clue Book

After battle, the heroes are left catching their breath, looking over the see of bodies left silently to rot in the upper floor of the castle, as they continue on in their quest.

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  1. BT1 Map: Harkyn's Castle level 3

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Bard's Tale 1

Map texts and clues

Position: (16,6)
Content: "Before you stand six warriors, dressed in bright green robes. 'Intruders!' They scream battle cries as they run toward you with drawn swords.
Position: (12,5)
Content: "The legions of Baron Harkyn stand before you, recognizing you as intruders, 'Death to them!' they scream.
...99 Berserkers, 99 Berserkers, 99 Berserkers, 99 Berserkers

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