Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate

Bard's Tale 3 Hints and Walkthroughs


Brilhasti Trick

Take a level 1 character (who has never visited the review board) along with your strong party down to Brilhasti. Kill Brilhasti while making sure to keep the level 1 character alive. When teleported to the review board the character will advance to level 35. What a trick!
~Peter Olsen

Unlimited Experience Exploit

If you can get into Arboria, complete the quest in that universe, and get back to the review board, the old man awards everyone 600000 exp. Now in this game, that isn't really alot, (about 2 to 4 levels?) but here is a glitch: if you go back outside, conjure up an air wolf or another creature and put it in slot 1, then go back in again, you will get another 600000 exp!! This can be done forever, so it kind of makes the rest of the game pointless. After 20-30 trips and your characters have enough hits and magic to destroy a world, the only battles you HAVE to fight are in Malefia ( where Tarjan is ). But you have to solve each alternate universes quest to get the spells allowing you to get to the next universe. I would like to know if this glitch is present in any other version (ibm, c-64, etc) besides the Apple IIe version I used.