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    Bard's Tale 1

    Map texts and clues

    Position: (10,20)
    Content: "You stand in the antechamber of Mangar the Dark, evil Archmage of Skara Brae. Mangar glares at you with deep hatred. 'Die, mortals!' he screams.
    With a wave of his hand a few of his close friends drop by. They don't look like a fun group."
    ...Demon Lords, Vampire Lords, Mangar
    Position: (18,13)
    Content: Archmage
    ...After killing Mangar: "Kylearan, the good Archmage, appears before you in a flash of light. 'Well done!' he cries, beaming. 'Your quest in Skara Brae is now finished! The evil one is now defeated, and his spell of winter will soon end. You will all, as a symbol of my gratitude, receive gold and experience bonus of 300,000 units. Fare well and live long!'"
    Teleport to Adventurer's Guild
    Position: (20,1)
    Content: Archmage Inn


    Bard's Tale 2


    Creates an illusionary Archmage to join your party.

    Character info

    These magic users have learned at least three levels for each of the previous four magic user classes. The Archmage is one of the most powerful and important characters in The Destiny Knight because an Archmage can do almost anything. Remember, Lagoth Zanta is an Archmage ... fight fire with fire.

    For a list of Archmage spells and their effects, visit BT2 Spellbooks

    Bard's Tale 3


    Character info

    Archmages must have mastered all the spells of any three magic classes. With this hefty experience requirement, Archmages are undoubtedly the most auspicious among those who cast spells for a living.

    For a list of Archmage spells and their effects, visit BT3 Spellbooks

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