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    Bard's Tale 3


    Creature: Artic Ranger (Location: Gelidia )
    Creature: Blizzard Demon (Location: Gelidia, Ice Keep 1/2 )
    Creature: Frost Cat (Location: Gelidia )
    Creature: Frost Guard (Location: Gelidia )
    Creature: Frostling (Location: Gelidia )
    Creature: Glaze Wolf (Location: Gelidia )
    Creature: Ice Viper (Location: Gelidia, Ice Keep 1/2 )
    Creature: Ice Warrior (Location: Gelidia )
    Creature: Sleet Mage (Location: Gelidia, Ice Keep 1/2, Grey Tower 1-4, White Tower 1-4, Black Tower 1-4, Ice Dungeon 1/2 )
    Creature: Yeti (Location: Gelidia, Ice Keep 1/2, Grey Tower 1-4, White Tower 1-4, Black Tower 1-4, Ice Dungeon 1/2 )

    Item Catalogue

    Item: Dmnd Bracers (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Zen Arrows (Location: UnterBrae 4, Gelidia )
    Item: Stealth Arrows (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Dragon Fgn (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Flame Horn (Location: Unterbrae 4, Gelidia )
    Item: Pipes of Pan (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Willow Flute (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Deathhorn (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Galvanic Oboe (Location: Gelidia Dungeon )
    Item: Speedboots (Location: UnterBrae 4, Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Masterkey (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Crystal Lens (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Smokey Lens (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Black Lens (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Sphere of Lanatir (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Steady Eye (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: I-Ching (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Lever (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Nut (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Bolt (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Eternal Torch (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Hourglass (Location: Gelidia, Lucencia )
    Item: Youth Potion (Location: Arboria, Gelidia, Kinestia )
    Item: Breath Ring (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Power Ring (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Tao Ring (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Angel's Ring (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Tesla Ring (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Dmnd Shield (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Wand of Power (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Flame Sword (Location: Skara Brae, Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Crystal Sword (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Aram's Knife (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Thor's Hammer (Location: UnterBrae 4, Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Lightstar (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Yellow Staff (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Divine Halbard (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Kali's Garrote (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Oscon's Staff (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Staff of Mangar (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Thunder Sword (Location: Arboria, Gelidia )
    Item: Poison Dagger (Location: Gelidia )
    Item: Spark Blade (Location: Gelidia )

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