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Taverns are the staple hangout in The Bard's Tale. Every musician needs a moistened throat if they're to entertain with their legendary tales and songs! Bars, taverns and the like are scattered throughout Skara Brae, the six cities of the plains and wilderness, and the many dimensions beyond our own.

Bard's Tale 1

In Skara Brae, the most popular bar, "The Scarlet Bard" situated on Rakhir Street, boasts an active community, and its bartender is quite friendly and knowledgeable.

  • The Scarlet Bard
  • Sinister Inn
  • Dragon's Breath Inn
  • Drawn Blade Inn
  • Ask Y-Mother
  • Archmage Inn
  • Skull Tavern

Bard's Tale 2

  • Foul Breath
  • Zandurae Inn
  • Blacksmoke
  • Zinskae Inn
  • Bein Tavern
  • Skull Tavern
  • Grey Sword Inn
  • Warmonger Inn
  • Ganzu Inn
  • Redpoint Inn
  • Millennium Inn
  • Fun Rum Inn
  • Orc-Skinner
  • Blue Buckler
  • Crimson Bard
  • Lazy Dragon
  • Zen Tavern
  • Bone Breaker
  • Crescent Kick
  • Void Epee Inn

Bard's Tale 3

Wilderness Ciera Brannia
  • Hic Haven
  • Stagger Inn
  • Cheers
Black Scar
  • Unnamed taverns


Tales of the Unknown

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Bard's Tale 1

Map texts and clues

Position: (3,5)
Content: "An old man stands before you saying, 'Answer this question to pass: What tavern lies off Night Archer street?'"
Position: (23,19)
Content: Sinister Inn
Position: (21,7)
Content: Dragon's Breath Inn
Position: (11,18)
Content: Drawn Blade Inn
Position: (20,1)
Content: Archmage Inn
Position: (1,8)
Content: Skull Tavern

Bard's Tale 2

Map texts and clues

Content: Taverns
Hail, travelers! Step to the bar and I’ll draw you a tankard. You can
(O)rder a drink
(T)alk to the barkeep
Position: (5,12)
Content: Zinskae Inn
Position: (2,7)
Content: Bein Tavern
Position: (13,5)
Content: Skull Tavern
Position: (8,1)
Content: Greysword Inn
Content: Taverns
Hail, travelers! Step to the bar and I’ll draw you a tankard. You can
(O)rder a drink
(T)alk to the barkeep
Position: (7,15)
Content: Zandurae Inn

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