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"The Scarlet Bard..."

The Scarlet Bard is an inn of much renown in the city of Skara Brae, and the only remaining tavern which serves its customers a selection of wines!

The inn sits on Rakhir Street behind a menacing statue and large gate, meant as a means of guarding the neighbourhood against the denizens that roam its streets.

The tavern is kept by an innkeeper who has seen better days, but is quite knowledgeable and wise of the history and secrets of the city, and is known to be an easy bribe for such knowledge1. He serves spirits day and night to those whocome by to forget of their worries and concerns, with merriment and drunkenness. But he is too busy and lazy to restock his selections of wine, so prompts those who subbornly wish a glass wine to go themselves into the inn's wine cellar and pick out their brand of choice. (And it's not often that such brave souls return in the same state as they descended!)

"I...will seek out the innkeeper of The Scarlet Bard, who may be able to assist me in my quest. The inn is convenient to my lodgings at the end of Rakhir Street. The barkeep requires gold to loosen his tongue, and delights in pouring forth cryptic drivel."

~ Lord Garrick's journal

This tavern is also known to have an access point to the dangerous underground tunnels that span the breadth of Skara Brae.


  1. Selection of innkeeper's knowledge listed in a wine cellar map hint

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Bard's Tale 1

Map texts and clues

Position: (1,1)
Content: "This is the wine cellar of the Scarlet Bard. The air is musty with old wine."
Position: (28,5)
Content: Scarlet Bard
Wine Cellar

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