Bard's Tale Classic Hints

[Bard's Tale 1]
1. Order wine at the Scarlet Bard to be allowed passage into the Cellar.

2. For sums of gold, the bartender (at any inn) can be persuaded to reveal helpful bits of info.
1-199:  "The guardians can be deadly," the barkeep smirks.
200-299: "A taste of wine might turn to ready adventure," the barkeep chuckles.
300-399: "Look for the Review Board on Trumpet Street," the barkeep whispers.
"The gates cannot be scaled, but an entrance always exists," the barkeetp stutters.
500-599: "The Stone Golem has been spoken of twofold," the barkeep smiles.
600-699: "The Spectre Snare can draw in even the mightiest," the barkeep grumbles.
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