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    Bard's Tale 3


    Creature: Crazy Eddie (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Filcher (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Grave Robber (Location: Lucencia, Violet Mountain 1/2 )
    Creature: Herb (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Maze Fury (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Red Dragon (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Red Eye (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Red Mage (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Speed Demon (Location: Lucencia )
    Creature: Unbeliever (Location: Lucencia )

    Item Catalogue

    Item: Tung Plate (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Hunters Cloak (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Blood Mesh Robe (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Mages Cloak (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Mthr Suit (Location: Malefia, Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Black Arrows (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Familiar Fgn (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Minstrels Glove (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Titan Helm (Location: Sacred Grove, Lucencia )
    Item: Crown of Truth (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Thieves Hood (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Magic Triangle (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Shrill Flute (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Angel's Harp (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Belt of Alliria (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Crystal Key (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: White Rose (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Blue Rose (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Red Rose (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Yellow Rose (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Rainbow Rose (Location: Lucencia )
    Item: Hourglass (Location: Gelidia, Lucencia )
    Item: Surehand Amulet (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Titan Shield (Location: Arboria, Lucencia )
    Item: Tung Shield (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Shadelance (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Red's Stiletto (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Death Hammer (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Thieves Dart (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )
    Item: Troth Lance (Location: Lucencia, Kinestia )

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