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"Adventurer's Guild..."

The Adventurer's Guild is the place to be in the Bard's Tale universe. It's the nexus through which all adventurers pass, for rest, relaxation, merriment, and of course if the price is right, hiring. For the heroes, it is the home base at which they can regain health and strength, and recruit (create) additional adventurers (characters) then take to the streets to clean them up of villainy.

At the Guild, bands of adventurers are formed, created and remembered. Guilds were established in most every major city, including Skara Brae and the six cities of the plains. But on Tarjan's return to Skara Brae, the Guild didn't survive, leaving all good adventurers without a safehouse.

They weren't to be thwarted however. They escaped to the wilderness and formed a ragtag regrouping place known as the Refugee Camp.


  • It's apparent that Kylearan has the ability to teleport to the Guild in Skara Brae1 from his tower .


Tales of the Unknown

Destiny Knight


  1. Spoiler: After defeating Mangar in BT1, the party is teleported by Kylearan directly to the Adventurer's Guild.

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Bard's Tale 1

Map texts and clues

...After killing Mangar: "Kylearan, the good Archmage, appears before you in a flash of light. 'Well done!' he cries, beaming. 'Your quest in Skara Brae is now finished! The evil one is now defeated, and his spell of winter will soon end. You will all, as a symbol of my gratitude, receive gold and experience bonus of 300,000 units. Fare well and live long!'"
Teleport to Adventurer's Guild
Position: (24,15)
Content: Adventurer's Guild

Bard's Tale 2

Map texts and clues

Position: (8,14)
Content: Adventurer's Guild
Position: (2,8)
Content: Adventurer's Guild


Teleports the party within a dungeon to any location that's not protected by a teleportation shield. Also teleports the party between cities that are in the range of +1 to 6. Your party always arrives in the city's Adventurers' Guild.
Teleports your entire party to the Adventurers' Guild in Tangramayne, minus all gold. Use this spell only in dire emergencies because it is not 100% reliable.

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