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    Caith is the greater land in which Skara Brae, after 150 years, now resides1, and contains "a captivating and expansive landscape...and a menagerie of creatures inspired by myth and Celtic folklore,"2 "a land of stone-fenced fields, vast forests, windswept mountains and rocky shorelines at the northern end of an island in a northern sea."3

    In Caith's lowlands live the Dael, ruddy, hardy farmers with a feudal society of knights, dukes and castles. In Caith's great northwestern forests live the Fichti, short, dark haired hunters and gatherers who keep to the older ways of tribe, clan and totem. On the shores and isles of Caith's rugged north east coast live the Einarr, descendants of Norn raiders, but now settled fishers, shepherds, and sailors. The three cultures don't mix very much, but they all think of Caith as their home, and occasionally, if the threat is great enough, they all come together to defend it.

    Source: Kickstarter Update #27

    Within Caith, a new order called the Church of the Sword Father civilized the land, by ridding it of all those who knew of, or even believed in the evil supernatural powers of the past. In cleansing the land, including Skara Brae, of such superstitions, it has become ripe for invasion once again by evil, preying on those who simply turn a blind eye in ignorance. Skara Brae has becomes a mess of conflicted good and evil, right and wrong. People won't speak up to fight the evil lest the Fatherites, intent on rewriting such knowledge out of the history books, outlaw, arrest, or even sentence to death those who disobey.

    Magic is outlawed. Elves, dwarves and trow are banished. Access to other realms barred and sealed. With the threat of evil growing, the Fatherites lay blame squarely on the Adventurer's Guild, all it stood for, and those who continue to perpetuate its historic existence in the face of their modern culture - who are to be burned at the stake.

    The Guild has gone underground. And now its members, upholders of the old ways, strive to survive in (and under) a land in which they're no longer welcome, and fighting an ever-growing evil.

    Death and drek on every front.


    Kingdom of Lestras

    Caith's neighbor to the south and often its enemy, the Kingdom of Lestras is the home of the Lestradae, a culturally homogenous people, united under one religion and one king, but strongly divided by class. The border between Caith and Lestras is wild country. It is home to outcasts from both countries as well as those who still worship the memory of the most famous of the Lestradae, the Archmage Lagoth Zanta.

    Source: Kickstarter Update #13


    The elves do not live in the world of men, and generally only come to it for sport, to toy with humans and sometimes to kidnap them. This is youthful shenanigans. Older, wiser elves leave the humans alone, for they remember a time, at the dawn of things, when elves and men lived in harmony until the men fell under the maddening influence of the Famhairaen and tried to slaughter as many elves as they could. The elves don't blame humans for their madness, but they remain wary of them, afraid that they could once again fall prey to insanity. While the elves can pass freely from their realm into the land of men, men can only enter Coill by elven invitation.

    Source: Kickstarter Update #13

    A look into the world of Caith (by inXile Ent.)


    1. According to the lore introduced with Bard's Tale 4: Barrow's Deep
    2. Kickstarter Update #31 - New Video & Exploration in Bard's Tale 4
    3. Kickstarter Update #27 - NOLA Office Update, Production Status, and the Fichti

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