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"The Wand Of Peace..."

The Wand of Peace is a folk song which tells the epic tale of the heroes' journey to reforge the Destiny Wand to defeat the threat of Lagoth Zanta against the kingdom.


Men from the south they came to the north, Wand of Peace to break.
The wand that keeps our kingdom safe from plague and war and drake.
They sundered it and hid the parts places grim and grand.
Broke its spell of perfect peace, defenseless was our land.

A-thundering the Lestran horde attacked with sword and flame.
With Lagoth Zanta at their fore they slaughtered in his name.
No one could stand before them on their way to Skara Brae
Until a band of heroes vowed to try another way.

The sundered wand must be remade, we must take back our land.
Armed with the wand of destiny we'll make our final stand.

They set out to retrieve the parts wherever they did lay.
In Ephesus they did take the first, a giant they did slay.
At Fanskar's fort they fought the lord and won the second part.
Seven statues of Dargoth's tower our heroes could not thwart.

They won the fourth in the Maze of Dread with cunning intellect.
Mage Oscon in his fortress strong the fifth could not protect.
The sixth was guarded by a sphinx amid the Grey Crypt's bones.
The last they took by riddle games beneath a riven stone.

The sundered wand must be remade. We must take back our land.
Armed with the Wand of Destiny we'll make our final stand.

With spell and skill it was reforged, the Wand of Destiny
And off they went a-south again to face the enemy.
In Shrine of Narn did Lagoth hide - fought with all his might.
With the rod the friends defeated Zanta's evil blight.

The sundered wand has been remade and taken back our land.
Armed with the Wand of Destiny we made our final stand.
Armed with the Wand of Destiny, ever shall we stand.


Performed by John Morran / Fiona Hunter
Composed by Ged Grimes / Gregor Philp / Nathan Long
- The Bard's Tale IV Barrows Deep Original Soundtrack

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