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The mouth speaks!

"The Princess..."

The Mouth is learning...

Until such time as it has wisdom to impart, please, dig deeper (below)!

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Caution: Potential spoilers

Bard's Tale 2

Map texts and clues

Position: (0,2)
Content: A magic mouth on the wall shouts:
“Turn back, adventurers – you are not the first and won’t be the last to attempt to save the Princess!”
Position: (21,3)
Content: There are some scribblings on the wall
“The Princess lives...”
Position: (11,21)
Content: There is a princess here. She really wants to be rescued. You can:
(B)ring her with you
(F)ight her
(L)eave her behind
(B)ring her with you, and on exiting the dungeon:

“Thou hast finished the quest! Well done, oh faithful adventurers.” The Magician waves his hand over your group...and you feel much more experienced!

With a final thanks and farewell, the Magician and the Princess vanish. The room is now empty.

Non-spellcasters are boosted to 200,000 XP, spellcasters to 230,000 XP.
Position: (15,8)
Content: King's Magician -> Dark Domain "Starter Dungeon"
“Welcome adventurers.” The Magician to the King stands before you.
“I have a noble quest for you, if you’d hear the tale.”

(L)isten to him:
“The story is a tragic one. The daughter of Endor the Mighty, King of all the Land, has been kidnapped by the Dark Lord, whose domain lies just under this chamber. I would rescue her myself, but the Dark Lord has laid a mighty spell upon his domain and I am barred from ever entering. You, however, can make it in. If the Princess is found and brought back to me, I will grant each of you some additional experience points. And, of course, the King will be most pleased. Take care, and be sure to map every inch of the Dark One's lair. I'll be waiting here for you to return.”


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