Bard's Tale Classic Hints

[Bard's Tale 2]
Talk to a barkeep and pay gold, and you'll receive the following tips:

1-4 "Seek knowledge from the sage," the barkeep smirks.
1-9"Bribe the dealer to keep him from cheating," the barkeep chuckles.
5-49"The Sage charges 500 in gold for information on magical items," the barkeep whispers.
10-99"Seek the Masterkey to pass the gates," the barkeep stutters.
50-499"The crypt lies in the wilderness," the barkeep whispers.
100-999"The Dreamspell can be learned from the rock," the barkeep grumbles.
500-999"Every city has one dungeon within it," the barkeep grumbles.
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