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The mouth speaks!

"The Sage..."

The Sage
    The Mouth is learning...

    Until such time as it has wisdom to impart, please, dig deeper (below)!

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    Searching deeper...

    Caution: Potential spoilers

    Bard's Tale 2

    Map texts and clues

    Reveal the clue
    Talk to a barkeep and pay gold, and you'll receive the following tips:

    1-4 "Seek knowledge from the sage," the barkeep smirks.
    1-9"Bribe the dealer to keep him from cheating," the barkeep chuckles.
    5-49"The Sage charges 500 in gold for information on magical items," the barkeep whispers.
    10-99"Seek the Masterkey to pass the gates," the barkeep stutters.
    50-499"The crypt lies in the wilderness," the barkeep whispers.
    100-999"The Dreamspell can be learned from the rock," the barkeep grumbles.
    500-999"Every city has one dungeon within it," the barkeep grumbles.
    Reveal the clue
    The Sage will answer questions about topics that will guide you on your quest.

    For some topics he will reveal valued information if you are ready for it (completed certain quests), but only for a price.

    Ask about:
    "Ah, that one makes you lucky at avoiding bad spells, thrown weapons, and dragon breath."
    "A ninja weapon, they do 16-64 damage and have a range of 60 feet."
    "The Mage Staff regenerates spell points and boosts the AC by 2."
    "A thief with that has an increased chance of hiding in shadows."
    "An ingenious device! If given to a monster ally, he is not likely to turn on you."
    "Ag's arrows do 24 to 96 in damage and have a range of 90 feet."
    "Ah, that one makes you lucky at avoiding bad spells, thrown weapons, and dragon breath."
    "That ring does a Safety Spell when you use it. Careful of that!"
    "That ring protects the wearer from breath attacks. Most useful!"
    "Ah, that one casts a Wizard War when you use it."
    "Those boots aid you in running from fights. Not a manly item..."
    "Zen Arrows...oh yes. They do 40-160 in damage, to a range of 70 feet."
    "The Drums of Death cast a Deathstrike spell on an opponent."
    "The Song Axe is a wonderous item which always returns to the thrower, and does 64-256 hits at a range of 80 feet."
    "That one makes a Wizardwall appear."
    "Aram''s Knife? Oh yes. 128-512 points of damage, thrown at any range. Not too shabby."
    "The Eye does Batchspells, as needed."
    "Thor''s Hammer does 32 to 128 hits at a range of 70 feet, and it always returns."
    "The Sword is rarely spoken of, but it is said to be throwable, up to 80 feet for 96-384 hits."
    NOSPIN RING [NOSPEN in the DOS version]
    "The Nospin...oh yes. It protects against spinning."

    Ask about:And donate:
    THE TOMBS1000 gold
    "Hidden beneath the city of Ephesus, the Tombs have been closed for centuries. Seek the entrance at the Temple of Darkness, in the city's center."
    FANSKAR5500 gold
    "Fanskar is a deadly warrior-mage who tried once to claim the title of Destiny Knight and failed. His castle is a well-guarded fortress, located south-west of Colosse."
    DARGOTH10000 gold
    "Dargoth is a creature more animal than man, whose tower is hidden in the city of Philippi. Take care, friends, for he is death itself."
    MAZE OF DREAD48000 gold
    "The Maze is said to be the home of the Graphnar Fist, a group of elite mercenaries who kill for both gold and pleasure. The Maze itself exists from ancient times. Seek it in Thessalonica."
    OSCON120000 gold
    "In the city of Corinth is the Fortress of the mage Oscon, whose strength is legendary and whose skill surpasses even Mangar's. Only an item of Kazdek will gain you entrance."
    KAZDEK5000 gold
    "Ah, yes, Kazdek. The immortal one, as he is called, he is in fact a living statue. Seek him between Thessalonica and Colosse, with the word of his name."
    GREY CRYPT125000 gold
    "Take care, my friends. None has left the Grey Crypt alive. Know you, however, that no magical spells will work therein."
    DESTINY STONE230000 gold
    "A rock it is, in fact, yet much more. Ponder this, my friends: Never find and never fool, the last one drinks the poison pool, the first one reads the ancient tome, the third one breaks the double dome."
    LAGOTH ZANTA1000 gold
    "An evil genius is Lagoth, else he'd not have posed the threat to the Land that he has. Yet, an enemy to be respected, I think. His whereabouts are unknown, but I'd not be surprised to find him near."
    Reveal the clue
    An old man (doing a fireball trick) wearing a garment of pure gold says:
    "The name of it is the staff of:"
    Answer: OLD

    "Correct. I will say this then: "Go to the Sage, in the wilderness, and ask him of FANSKAR. He will charge you a price, but the information will be valuable." He suddenly disappears.
    Position: (1,0)
    Content: The Narn Temple lies close to the sage, to the north east.
    Position: (15,14)
    Content: Curses! I'll see you soon, foolish ones! Seek me at the hut of the Sage, and meet your destiny.

    There is a segment to the spectre here.
    Destiny Wand, Segment #7
    Position: (0,0)
    Content: The Sage
    The Sage says, "Gold can buy thee the wisdom of the ancients, my friends. You can
    (T)alk to the Sage
    (E)xit his hut

    Fail to pay him enough gold for information?

    • "Such relevancies are easily overlooked," the Sage says.
    • "I have a more interesting tale than that," the Sage starts to tell you about his amazing travels abroad.
    • "Ah, yes" the Sage says, "therein lies a tale of great magnitude."
    • "That is something better left unsaid," the Sage whispers.

    Having reforged the wand (possess The Scepter):

    Welcome, my friends, to the home of Lagoth Zanta! You have been cunning, it is true, but your days have now come to an end. Your quest is through, fools. Prepare to die.
    ...Fight: Balder Guards and Lagoth Zanta

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