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"Temple of Narn..."

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Bard's Tale 2

Map texts and clues

Position: (17,17)
Content: On the wall is written this message: Seek the Narn Temple. He who approaches the altar may restore that which was broken.
Position: (1,0)
Content: The Narn Temple lies close to the sage, to the north east.
Position: (9,2)
Content: Narn Temple
Approach the alter with one character carrying all 7 Segments.

Something strange is happening to him:

has become the One of Legend, known to all men as the Destiny Knight! Power courses through him as never felt before. The full extent of his powers is as yet unknown... but they appear to be incredible! It was foretold that you shall receive power when the spirit has come upon you. You must now go and be a witness of this to all...

Gain The Scepter

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