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    Bard's Tale 1

    Map texts and clues

    Position: (20,19)
    Content: "Before you lies the ancient burial chamber of King Aildrek, now a creature of darkness. 'Now, mortal man, I will drink of your souls,' he hisses."
    ...Spectre = +Eye
    Reveal the clue
    "A magic mouth on the wall speaks to you, saying this: What can bind the mightiest foes?"
    You'll receive the Spectre Snare

    Spectre Snare Hint: (view significant spoiler)
    Position: (15,10)
    Content: Samurai
    "On the wall is etched: The Spectre Snare can catch a foe and bind him lest his spirit go..."
    Position: (6,5)
    Content: Spectre
    Position: (10,10)
    Content: Spectres


    Item Catalogue


    This spell will drain a single enemy of 12 to 48 points of damage, as if touched by a spectre.

    Bard's Tale 2


    Item Catalogue


    Drains a single enemy of 15 to 60 hit points; like a touch from death itself.

    Bard's Tale 3


    Drains a single enemy of 15 to 60 hit points as if it were touched lightly by death.

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