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Bard's Tale 2

Map texts and clues

Reveal the clue
Talk to a barkeep and pay gold, and you'll receive the following tips:

1-4 "Seek knowledge from the sage," the barkeep smirks.
1-9"Bribe the dealer to keep him from cheating," the barkeep chuckles.
5-49"The Sage charges 500 in gold for information on magical items," the barkeep whispers.
10-99"Seek the Masterkey to pass the gates," the barkeep stutters.
50-499"The crypt lies in the wilderness," the barkeep whispers.
100-999"The Dreamspell can be learned from the rock," the barkeep grumbles.
500-999"Every city has one dungeon within it," the barkeep grumbles.


Known only as "The Dreamspell," it is the subject of myth and speculation and no one knows this spell's code. Legend has it that this is a spell of such magnitude that it can actually rip the fabric of reality in half.

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