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Bard's Tale 2

Bard Songs

Lowers the Armor Class for all party members.

Bard's Tale 3


Casts a gray shadow around the party, and lowers their armor class by 4
This powerful spell earns its name by doing the following: 1) Turns illusionary characters into real characters; 2) Cures characters of all illnesses but age; and 3) Restores all hit points to the party. If you're in combat, it also does the following: 1) Lowers your armor class, saving throw, to hit, and damage by 20 points; 2) Increases your attack by eight points; and 3) Casts Mangar's Mallet.

Bard Songs

Lowers the party's armor class level up to a maximum of 15 points.
In non-combat situations, this lowers your armor class. During combat, it also partially shields your party so they only take half damage from monster attacks.

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